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A rental house, a mooncup and a Christmas surprise

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What happens when you buy an old farmhouse, finally sell your current house, find an amazing 1950s wool, plaid skirt from one of your favorite vintage shops in a perfect 24″ waist, and finally invest in a mooncup?

You miss your period.

True story.

And a month after you pee on a stick and you’re just plain exhausted, you and your husband have to kick your unpaying tenants out of your rental house an hour away and spend two months repairing damages, painting and cleaning the rental house instead of getting settled in the farmhouse and beginning to work on your own, personal projects.

This is where we’ve been, folks. And it hasn’t been a lot of fun. Stressful. Unmotivated. But that’s not why we’re here.

Did I mention we were blessed with a darling little plus sign at the end of September?!?

So I, like any natural-minded person, dove into my Pinterest boards and research-land to make sure I was getting all of my important nutrients through food. I immediately ordered Beautiful Babies  from Food Renegade’s Kristen Michaelis and printed out the Diet for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers from the Weston A. Price website. I also found a birth center with five amazing midwives a little over an hour away, who did not schedule to see me until around 9 weeks.

Y’all, we kept this a secret for almost three MONTHS. Mike’s parents live in upstate NY, mine in SC. Guess what they got for Christmas??? Something I think they were all hoping for. It was an incredibly special Christmas, even if we did drive 1700 miles to see everyone.

The rental house is almost clean. Mike’s been working on one of the outbuildings here at the farmhouse, and we’re covered in another few inches of cold snow. AND… we’re expecting a little one in early June.

Can I just mention how excited I am to be able to finally start some of our projects around here? SO EXCITED.



One thought on “A rental house, a mooncup and a Christmas surprise

  1. Yippie! Congratulations!

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