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Pretzel Burgers!

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We’ve had a lot of projects in the works here at our old Maryland farmhouse; unfortunately none of them are finished yet, so we haven’t deemed anything blog-worthy in a few weeks.  I suppose we might just as well write about works-in-process- the threat of embarrassment on the Internets is a powerful impetus to completion, so I hear.  

But for tonight…well, it’s Saturday night, we’ve had a looooooong week, and we just wanted something tasty for dinner.  So, while I was out working on the car, Katie experimented with a recipe for pretzelled bread.  The results were very edible.  Apparently the trick to pretzelling lies in the boiling of the dough in water and baking soda, and some brown sugar in the dough.  

Whatever magic had to happen for the pretzelled bread to come into existence, it was worth it.  Two of the buns disappeared before dinner officially happened (spicy mustard was on-hand in the fridge, which accented the buns nicely) and a few others became homes for some grass-fed beef burgers, topped with Katie’s famous zucchini pickles, some BBQ sauce, raw milk cheddar, and avocado.  I fried up some salty sweet potato coins in olive oil, which came out pretty satisfying, too.  



Happy Saturday night!


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