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Well, we made it. We officially own a house in Maryland. It only took us ten months to find and settle on the right house after Mike started his new job in Baltimore. Ten months. Ten months that felt like an eternity. Especially while we were living in two different states for five of those months, ten hours apart.

But this is not just any house. It’s an old farmhouse. The kind of farmhouse we all dream about one day owning. Layers of odd colored paint and too large of trim pieces previous owners have tacked onto the walls,


creaky stairs with awful carpet _glued_ to the treads, crayon and marker marks here and there, radiator heaters, a layer of dead bugs in the window sills,


a lack of closet space and kitchen cabinets / pantry, an overgrown property stocked full of poison ivy… wait, isn’t that what you imagined when I said we own an old farmhouse?

I guess I *forgot* to mention we acquired this home through a short sale and that it had been sitting vacant for over 12 months. Yes, I said it. 12 months. That means any kind of spills on the stovetop or in the fridge or a juice box drizzled down the fronts of the lower cabinets while the previous owner was here were now super crusty and covered with a nice layer of… fuzzy stuff. The bathrooms were kind of _very_ gross as well. Did I mention dead bugs in the window sills? And on the floors. And in the basement.

So now that you’re wondering WHY anyone would ever purchase a house like this, let me tell you the charming details of why we love this house and how much potential it truly has. It is quite a gem – it just needs some love, new trim, a few nice coats of lighter-not so bright-colored paint (after the spackle attempt at recreating the look of plaster is sanded down…) and someone to clean it. It’s amazing what a bucket of Murphy’s Oil Soap and a spray bottle of white vinegar can do. Let me start with three wonderful words:

white farmhouse sink (::swoon::)


followed by two more loverly words: wood floors. They don’t all match and some rooms are in worse shape than others, but all wood floors. Throughout. And now that I sound shallow… we also have an old summer kitchen/garden shed for my upcycled glass studio (you can also find me at www.gardendaisiesstudio.etsy.com), barns for Mike’s old car stash (read: hobby), a clothesline (it doesn’t take much to make me happy…) and a run-in shed that will be perfect for our future laying hens. A basement with a cellar area for all of our home-canned goodies (and wine!), an attic, three bedrooms, two commodes and a decent amount of space for entertaining when we have company or for just the two of us and our _almost_ 4 year old pup, Sadie.


Wow, time flies when you are having fun.

Speaking of home-canned goodies, it’s September! We’ve got a lot of cleaning to do, projects to start on and my canning shelves are not as full as they should be because of our crazy move from South Carolina. I guess I should start working on that before the local produce is gone.



5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. That wonderful white farmhouse sink was more of a gray cess pool when we moved in. One of the first things I did was rip out the nasty old faucet and drain, scrub the sink clean, and install that purdy new faucet you see there.

    It wasn’t simply a matter of aesthetics, either. Katie’s large canning pots wouldn’t fit under the old faucet (which was not original to the sink, but some leaky, corroded, moldy 1980’s piece). The new faucet swoops upward nicely to accept the largest pots she has.

  2. Despite all what most might consider “turn offs” it sounds like you’ve found your Dream Home! It’s not easy to purchase real estate these days and I know the MD Market is pricey (we “escaped MD 7 years ago to move to NC) if you find something you absolutely ADORE you grab it! Good Luck with the Renovations, and have fun!

  3. I think everything sounds fabulous! So excited for you and can’t wait to see how this ‘ole farmhouse’ turns into your dream come true!

  4. I love it Kates! I am so glad I can watch the details of your life unfold on here. =)

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